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Shure SM58 Test & Reviews

The Shure SM58 is a dynamic microphone with a copper moving coil. They are easily available on the market. But for this time, I will focus on a specific model. It is a reference microphone and one of the most popular among singers: read our full review of the legendary Shure SM58.

Shure SM58

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SHURE SM58 Overview

There are a multitude of choice of best microphone for live use. But none of these mics equalize the Shure SM58. The gold standard in microphones designed exclusively for vocals. By the way, it’s the most reliable and versatile in its category. So it can be found everywhere: on stage, in recording studios, in music schools…



If you ask a musician to name a random microphone, he or she is sure to mention the Shure SM58. It’s a dynamic microphone with a unidirectional cardioid directivity. This means that it picks up the source in front of it and rejects all surrounding noise. Primarily designed for vocal pickup, it also ensures perfect reproduction of the voice of certain instruments.

Introduced in 1966, shortly after the SM57, professionals quickly adopted it. Very reliable and with an exceptional audio quality, it quickly became a reference product. Since then, it has undergone numerous evolutions while preserving its inimitable sound. In short, Shure has combined technology and expertise to create the best microphone ever.

Le Shure SM58 est facile à porter
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Features and Characteristics of the SHURE SM58

The Shure SM58 is a unidirectional condenser microphone. It is therefore primarily designed for voice pickup for professional use in live sound reinforcement and studio recording. With its built-in spherical filter, the microphone has the ability to minimize wind and breath noise.

In addition, its cardioid directivity allows it to isolate the main sound source while reducing unwanted background noise. In fact, its design has allowed it to reproduce a sound that has become a worldwide reference.

Highly resistant, it features a shock-absorbing system and a steel grill, ensuring that its performance remains intact even when subjected to rough treatment. This makes the Shure SM58 the first choice of professionals around the world. Especially when recording indoors or outdoors.



In every way, the Shure SM58 is a legendary microphone. Like all dynamic microphones, the SM58 uses a diaphragm/sound coil/magnet assembly to form a miniature electrical generator. In fact, it is the design of the microphone itself that makes it stand out.

That’s because the SM58’s diaphragm was designed to respond easily to even the most subtle sound waves. The characteristics of the microphone components contribute greatly to the sound quality of the Shure SM58. As a result, it delivers smooth, balanced sound across the entire frequency range.

L'un des microphones le plus réputer
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At the bottom of the SM58 handle is another technological innovation: a shock absorber for physical vibrations. This is the anti-shock suspension. This model has undergone improvements to reduce the transmission of mechanical noise and vibrations as much as possible.

Moreover, if you tap a low quality microphone, it will sound like a drum. If you perform the same test on the Shure SM58, you will only hear a thud.

In addition, the SM58’s 50 Hz to 15 kHz bandwidth is suitable for highlighting voices. Certainly, its frequency curve shows a wide midrange hump and bass rolloff for proximity control. However, it has also proven effective for recording acoustic and electric guitar.



In fact, it is particularly suitable for recording from a guitar amplifier. Because we must not forget that it is the best dynamic microphone, that is able to handle high volumes. If you are playing a heavy electric guitar or any amplified guitar, a condenser microphone, put near an amplifier and blasted with loud riffs can be damaged.

The SM58, however, is very robust. This is one of the reasons why the Shure SM58 is widely used in a live environment. With its cardioid directivity, it works perfectly on stage. Indeed, having a unidirectional microphone gives you the advantage of not picking up too much ambient noise such as echo.

The SM58 will only pick up the sound that comes directly to it. Hence the importance of directing it to the main sound source. This is a great advantage when recording a musical instrument.

Le Shure SM58 est plus simple à utiliser.
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Also, you only have to place it in front of an amp. Also, no need to invest in a sound proof room. But it should be noted that dynamic microphones do not sound as good as condenser microphones when recording instruments.

In this case, the sound is not very accurate. If you are recording soft sounds without too much distortion or volume change, feel free to use a condenser microphone. The Shure SM58 also offers very good protection against feedback and other acoustic reactions. The steel grill houses a multi-layer pop filter.



Its main function is to reduce the breathing noise and unpleasant plosives that are characteristic of singing. The microphone is also suitable for use during a press conference or podcast because of its sound quality.

In addition, it has a switch to turn it on and off, making it easy to use. In any case, it is a very resistant microphone. It is even practically indestructible.

Shure SM58
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Technical specifications of the SHURE SM58

It is one of the best microphones in its category. The proof is in its various characteristics:

  • Dynamic microphone
  • Cardioid directivity (unidirectional)
  • Bandwidth : 50 to 15 000 Hz
  • Output impedance : 300 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: -56 dBV/Pa (1.6 mV)
  • Dimensions: Ø 51 mm
  • L : 162 mm 
  • Net weight : 0,33 kg 
  • Polarity: positive sound pressure from the diaphragm produces a positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 


  • Connector: 3-pin professional audio (XLR), male
  • Case:
    • cast metal painted in dark grey varnish
    • matte silver spherical steel grill
  • Frequency response curve: slight hump in the midrange giving that unmistakable sound 
  • Microphone delivered with microphone clip, multi-link connector and carrying case

A very robust microphone

Lightweight, and available as a wireless microphone, the Shure SM58 offers freedom of movement on stage. It is made of steel and has a spherical steel grille. In addition, a pop filter and air suspension reinforce the unit. This is to absorb almost all shocks. Thus, all vibrations will be damped and the sound will be better.



With the Shure SM58, your performance on stage will not be missed in any way. With this microphone, you can rest assured that it is very reliable. It is definitely your best ally when performing or concert.

In addition, you can rely on this reference microphone, which will not fail you. If your stage setups are dynamic, choosing the SM58 microphone as your partner is the best option. In addition, it can take a beating with ease.

You can even drop it (although I don’t recommend it), its performance will remain the same. Also, it will make your voice sound by transmitting a warm and clear sound while muffling the surrounding sounds. The whole attention will then be focused on your voice.

Le Shure SM58 est parfait en studio.
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Application, placement and recommendations for use

For best results, be sure to follow certain rules. This will help you get great sound, especially with the Shure SM58.

General rules

As well as lthe Shure Motiv MV5, for best results, it is best to point the microphone at the main sound source (speaker, singer or instrument) and place it as close as possible. This will provide more bass.



If you have several sound sources, use several microphones: one microphone for one sound source. But to avoid saturation, use as few microphones as possible. Also make sure that the minimum distance between the microphones is respected.

For outdoor use, a windscreen is recommended. To minimize mechanical noise and vibration, avoid handling the microphone as much as possible. When holding the microphone, do not cover it with your hand. This will degrade the performance of the microphone. Once these rules have been applied, the microphone will sound better.

Le Shure SM58 est conçu pour la prise de voix.
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Since the Shure SM58 is primarily designed for voice pickup, the following suggested placements will be for voice applications only. It is important to note, however, that there is no “correct” position for a microphone. How you use it is often a matter of personal taste.

  • For a powerful sound with enhanced bass, the lips should be placed within 15 centimeters of the windscreen or touch it. The position should be in line with the microphone.
  • For a natural sound with muffled bass, the microphone should be located just above nose height or at a distance of 15 to 60 centimeters.
  • For a natural sound with muffled bass and minimal hiss, a space of 20 to 60 centimeters combined with a slight deviation to one side is ideal.
  • To obtain a soft, distant sound, place the microphone at a distance of 90 to 180 centimeters from the instrument.


To prevent unwanted sound sources from being picked up, they should be placed behind the microphone. Before a performance, be sure to test the microphone placement. The goal is to minimize acoustic feedback and optimize the rejection of unwanted sound.

In the case the Shure SM58, it gradually increases the bass frequencies by 6 to 10 dB below 100 Hz as it moves about 6 millimeters away from the sound source. This is called the proximity effect and produces a rich, warm, powerful sound. To avoid thunderous sounds in the low frequencies, attenuate the bass gradually.

nouveau look SHURE SM58
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The Shure SM58 is the most popular microphone ever made for a reason. It’s reliable, rugged, and delivers exceptional sound quality. By the way, it’s found on every stage and in almost every recording studio.

Mainly designed for vocal recording, I used it to record guitar. And I am more than satisfied with the results. In any situation, it will always find its place. This makes the Shure SM58 a perfect microphone in every way.

My personal view on the Shure SM58

The reality is that sound engineers and studios always have a wide variety of microphones. From condenser microphones to dynamic microphones, to each his own. Also, there will never be a fully accomplished microphone.



But surprisingly, spending millions on a microphone will not make it the best choice. The Shure SM58 offers very good value for money. In fact, it is a very good investment.

Not only is it a reliable professional microphone like the other Shure MV7 model, but moreover, it is robust. What’s more, you can abuse it as much as you like, and it won’t affect its performance at all. It’s also a powerful, clear and sharp microphone.

All in all, the SM58 is an unavoidable standard with an unmatched quality/price/robustness ratio. It is also a recording tool that will find its place in your home studio.

Finally, the Shure SM58 is an institution, and you can buy it with your eyes closed, because it will meet your expectations perfectly. Never owned a microphone before? Don’t miss out on the Shure SM58, you’ll never run out of tips and opinions on how to get the most out of this microphone. And it’s very reasonably priced, so be prepared for a lot of fun.

Shure SM58 est simple à utiliser.
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Our Global Review

Global Sound Quality

4,8 /5

Quality / Price ratio

4,6 /5

Overall Score

4,7 /5

Our opinion on the Shure SM58

I fully recommend it, no matter what you do with it. It may not be the best of the best, but it will never fail you. 

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